Energy Transition Town Twinnings

The third edition of the “Energy Transition Town Twinnings” project, funded by the Federal Foreign Office (The Foreign Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany), is about to begin. Renewable Energy Agency (AEE) and Berlin Governance Platform (BGP) are once again reaching out to cities and municipalities in Ukraine, Moldova and Serbia to build partnerships to strengthen the exchange on the European energy transition across national borders.

The goal of the project is to initiate new partnerships or strengthen the existing ones by sharing knowledge and experience related to renewable energy. Moreover, the project aims at initiating projects around the topic of the energy transition – in relation to the respective needs and demands of each municipality. Such projects may include communal heat planning, the inclusion and participation of citizens, or the planning and construction of wind farms and solar parks.

After matching four interested cities and municipalities from Germany with two municipalities from Ukraine and one from the Republic of Moldova and Serbia, these eight municipalities will have the opportunity to enter an intensive dialogue with their respective partners, along with experts and practitioners from the renewable energy area, as well as with politicians from Germany and other parts of Europe. Apart from a kick-off conference in Berlin, two physical and/or digital, bilateral workshops are planned for each of the four twinning towns, with the intention to discuss local-scale developments of the energy transition. In addition, there will be further online dialogue formats for training purposes as well as regular digital work meetings. Moreover, policy briefs devoted to energy transition topics relevant to each partnership are being planned. Finally, a closing event (online), and a study trip to Brussels will complete the project. The project is envisioned for 26 months. Over the whole duration of the project, the twinning towns will be made known to the wider public through an accompanying, intensified public relations work.

Project Period

Mai 2024 – April 2026

The project is funded by the Federal Foreign Office.


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