In addition to its public relations work, the Renewable Energy Agency carries out various projects on more specific topics relating to the energy transition. These projects address different stakeholder levels (e.g. federal states, local structures, etc.) as well as specific topics such as acceptance, the heating sector or the potential of renewable energies. Usually, the projects are carried out together with other actors or a funding agency. An overview of the range of services and more information on the individual projects can be found below.

KlimaPro 2030

The project KlimaPro 2030 sets out to inform agricultural professionals about opportunities of climate-friendly farming practices.

Municipal Heat Transition

The project addresses the prevalent backlog relating to the implementation of the heat transition at municipal level by collecting, systematizing and re-evaluating existing recommendations for action.

Energy Transition Town Twinnings

The third edition of the "Energy Transition Town Twinnings” project, funded by the Federal Foreign Office (The Foreign Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany), is about to begin.