Biogas Across Borders

Venue: Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union (Rue Wiertz/Wiertzstraat 77,  Brussels)
Date: Thursday, 8th of November 2018, 11:00 am


The debate about the energy transition is often governed by the necessities of the power sector. For the energy system of the future, however, the gas sector will be of key relevance too. Biogas contributes to the greening of both, the electricity and gas grids, by providing flexible and secure energy supplies for power, heat and transport. Biogas is a key component for both, a content switch from natural gas to renewable gas and for a modal switch to link the power, heat and transport sectors. 

While cross border biogas trade via the gas grid is fledgling, more than 60 % of EU biogas production is currently used in the electricity sector. Promotion schemes in Member States widely differ, ranging from support for flexible power production to incentives for injection of biomethane into gas grids. Although Member States are in charge of their national energy mixes, cross border cooperation can offer new stimuli for developing the renewable gas sector.

Against the backdrop of the legislative framework set by the Renewable Energy Directive II and by the Energy Union package, we will explore, which avenues promise the best opportunities for the use of biogas – from an economic and climate protection point of view. After the passage of the RED II, speakers from the European Parliament, the EU Commission, national legislators, science and industry will offer their perspectives on the future of a growing industry in transition.

10:30 Registration

11:00 Welcome
BARBARA SCHRETTER, Director of the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union
KERSTIN IKENMEYER, Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy and Technology (PDF)

11:10 Kick off introductory debate: Why Biogas Across Borders?
HARM GROBRÜGGE, Vice President European Biogas Association
ARTHUR WELLINGER, European Biogas Association and Member of the Board, Biomass Suisse
DOERTE FOUQUET, Director, European Renewable Energies Federation

11:50 What role for biogas on future European gas and power markets?  (PDF)

12:15 Living up to its strengths: Biogas across borders in practice (PDF)
KEVIN HAYWARD, Head of Sales – Power Generation, BayWa r.e. Clean Energy Sourcing 

12:40 Lunch

13:35 Keynote: Options and opportunities for the biogas sector from CAP perspective (PDF)
MARIO MILOUCHEV, Director DG Agriculture, European Commission

14:00 Power instead of biomethane production in France: How it adds up – for agriculture, for society, for climate protection (PDF)
PHILIPPE MEINRAD, Farmer and Managing Director Agrivalor, France

14.30 Panel debate: Biogas Across Borders
CLAUDIUS DA COSTA GOMEZ, Managing Director, German Biogas Association
MARIO MILOUCHEV, Director DG Agriculture, European Commission
ANTONIO LOPEZ-NICOLAS, European Commission, DG Energy


15:30 Conclusion

The event is carried out in cooperation with the German Biogas Association.